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CutCaster.comCutcaster is a digital video and photo marketplace. Creators of video footage, photos, short films, stock footage, b-roll, motion graphics, animation, or audio clips can upload their work to the Cutcaster site and sell them at a price determined by them or by using the powerful Cutcaster Algorithm to determine the correct market price.

All footage must be up to standard broadcast quality formats e.g. super 16mm, 16mm, DigiBeta, HD, HDV and even NTSC and PAL; trademarks, logos, brands and entities with trademarks/copyright should be removed. CutCaster pays 40% of the collected royalty payment to the producer for non-exclusive rights and 60% of the collected royalty for exclusive rights to sell your content. On the other hand, buyers can search for works via category and topic; they can also specify what kind of royalty/rights agreements they want. Cutcaster is a free service and never takes the rights or ownership of a submitters content away. In Their Own Words

“Join the Cutcaster community and gain access to a marketplace of professional high quality video footage and photo. Cutcaster is the first dynamic marketplace – a creative exchange – that allows buyers and sellers to have an impact on licensing conditions, market pricing, and community sourcing for content like digital video, motion graphics, audio, and photos. Upload content and choose your own price or use the Cutcaster Algorithm to find the right price based on current market conditions.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Cutcaster gives content creators total control over their work and doesn’t require exclusivity or take away ownership. Content creators set the prices and they even get royalties from the proceedings which can pay out/accrue over a lifetime. Cutcaster is also very simple for buyers to search for content they need or if the marketplace doesn’t have it, a buyer can request the content from the community and pay a bounty fee for it. It’s modeled after popular websites such as YouTube, Flickr and eBay, which gives it a people friendly appeal. Ultimately, Cutcaster provides a very 2.0 outlet for creatives to market their products without having to negotiate with companies or third parties.

Cutcaster professes that it is the Nasdaq/Bloomberg for digital media and that it is educating content creators and buyers on the true market prices and conditions surrounding distributing and syndicating digital content online. If they can create a consumer friendly licensing vehicle which submitters can use to monetize their work for use in films, advertiserments, web designs or any type of web publishing, they could open up a huge marketplace and provide anyone who owns content a platform to collect royalty payments in a simple to use and secure way.

Some Questions About

Will CutCaster remain free? How does CutCaster monitor content? How will they market their site?