KillerStartups – The F’ing Twitter Facts

CurseBird.comTwitter is good for many things, but airing out your problems to the rest of the world is a big one. People are constantly letting their feelings be known, and they usually use harsh words to describe them.

If you like to know how often and how much people are swearing in Twitter, then you should definitely take a look at On the site, you’ll be able to see explicit tweets, which people are using to air out their grievances. What’s the point? Absolutely nothing, but it sure is fun. People get ranked on how often they swear, what words they use, and how they stack up against other potty-mouthed Twitter users. It’s a great way to see if your boss uses foul language on Twitter, or if anyone is saying anything horrible about you.

Is it useful? No, but it’s fun, and that matters. People are going to constantly come back to this, as a way to see what other potty mouthed Twitter users are saying. In Their Own Words

“Cursebird is a real-time feed of people swearing on Twitter.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It’s fun, especially for those that like vulgar things.

Some Questions About

Will the popularity last? How much can you do with curse words and Twitter?

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