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Currensee.comCurrensee is self-touted as the first Forex trading social networking site. The basic premise is that of bringing Forex traders from all over the world together, and enable them to make trading decisions in real-time, taking into account the live way the market is shaping itself and sentiment data.

One of the most interesting aspects of operating in a network like this one is that you can keep a direct watch on the way that others are trading. You can compare your win and lose average with that of other traders, and you can also view behavioral metrics.

Membership is free, and as part of your profile you will have both information like your country of origin and a small bio. Moreover, the number of trades you have been involved with will also be displayed, so that onlookers will be able to know if you are as knowledgeable as you claim. Both your particular approach and you strategy will be highlighted, too.

Those who do particularly well will eventually become trade leaders and be followed by others, effectively realizing a revenue stream since they will be compensated for the success of their tradings, and also of the traders that follow them. In Their Own Words

“The first Forex trading social network.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Both those who are familiar with the Forex market and those who wish to become acquainted with the way it works will be catered for right here.

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