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Curisma.comCurisma is for those who are against buying gadgets based on the rave reviews that can always be found online when you’re looking for information on anything. There’s lots of people like that, people who are left cold by a glowing review by someone they really know nothing about. They often choose what to buy by talking to their friends about the recent purchases that they’ve made. And if you’re such a buyer, and your shopping decisions are mainly shaped by what your friends buy then on you’ll definitely feel at home. This site lets you talk to your friends and with people who like the same kind of items and companies you like, and discuss both your latest purchases and the ones you’re about to make.


The site lets you do that just by signing in using either your Twitter or Facebook account, and start picking your favorite brands and products. This will let Curisma start learning what kind of gadgets it should recommend to you.

Curisma, then, is a shopping service that lets you connect with your friends on social services and see what they’ve been buying recently while also getting personalized recommendations.

It’s what sites like Buzzillions have let us all do for years and years, actually, but Curisma is sold on how niche the service really is. Few other consumer sites revolve around nothing but gadgets, and I’m sure there’s many among you who could hardly think of a site more interesting and suitable for this Christmas. In Their Own Words

Discover cool gadgets through people like you.

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What about a site like this one that focuses on items that can be had at discounted prices only?

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