Curation Station – How Curaytor is Boosting Lead Generation for Realtors

Curaytor is a digital marketing company that provides software, systems, and support for top salespeople. The three-year-old company uses software to help small businesses with lead generation and conversion, and has surpassed $5 million in annual recurring revenue.

Why we love it

Ok, we get it. Digital marketing might sound tedious, but bear with us, because Curaytor is actually pretty neat.

As a business, Curaytor is offering a new approach to marketing for real estate professionals, in the same way that Teambay changes the way that businesses can motivate their employees, or how StreamSpread makes a difference in online advertising. Curaytor’s USP is that it harnesses the power of digital to convert leads into sales. This is a revolutionary development for real estate which, as an industry, has typically relied on physical advertising – such as billboards – to generate sales. Since 2013, Curaytor has been using this approach to help small teams of real estate agents build effective websites and create engaging content that can draw buyers in and hold their attention.

Firstly, the company was founded by trio Chris Smith, Jimmy Mackin and Andrew Leafe. While each is a strikingly ambitious and confident expert in his own right, Smith has recently published a book – called The Conversion Code – which instructs readers on how to run the perfect sales and marketing team in a digital age.

The book is a number one Amazon best seller, and indicates a lot about the quality of talent that works at Curaytor. The presence of an established thought leader is an attractive quality in a business, and the company follows its own advice; Smith says he applied all the principles laid out in The Conversion Code to Curaytor. So, while other companies might claim to go by the book, Curaytor can lay claim to writing the book.

Weirdly, Curaytor’s own website is bereft of information about what it actually does, which is annoying; the company includes almost no information about its products on its homepage. This may seem like a petty gripe, but it smacks ever so slightly of not practicing what you preach – more company information would make this website much more user friendly.

Website complaints aside, Curaytor offers a trimmed down and effective operation that is having a significant impact on the real estate industry. If you want more information, however, maybe skip the website and go straight for The Conversion Code.


The team @CuraytorDotCom are a talented bunch who make marketing interesting. Co-founder @Chris_Smith also has a book out, so give it a read