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CultureRater.comInspired by the movie High Fidelity, this is a social site that enables individuals the world over to rate just anything that has to do with films, music, literature and games. Users can vote on the best available offering within each of these categories, and upon doing so a ranking is created for all to see, ponder and comment upon.

There is not a really a lot to explain or go into, as even if you have never used a site like this before you will be able to get going on the spot. The opening screen of each main category includes sections for you to explore like “New Releases”, “Top Current”, “Top All-time” and “Random”. Nothing new or complicated.

Obviously, sites such as this one do stand out if and when they manage to engage an active community. I wonder how Culture Rater is actually going to promote itself, and which features are forthcoming in order to keep people not only visiting it but actually sticking to it. I did not see a lot of support for social services when I checked it out, and I would advice the programmer to focus his efforts there. In Their Own Words

“ was an idea conceived by Theo Pape just before graduating from university in English Literature. It was mainly inspired by the film High Fidelity – based on Nick Hornby’s book of the same name – in which the protagonist reels off one top ten list after another; and was originally conceived as a top ten website itself, but quickly grew into the site that exists today…”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The fact that you can rate artistic manifestations of every kind (IE, books, films and music) gives it an edge of its own.

Some Questions About

In which languages is the site available?

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