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CultureLoad.netThe German based CultureLoad is a fresh new media community with a focus on films, photos, and texts. You can join as a member or an artist.

As the latter, you can upload your creations and sell them on CultureLoad’s marketplace. Transactions take place via CultureCoins each of which is equivalent to .10 euro. Artists can set any price for their works however, there is a price ceiling they have to abide by. Artists receive 75% of the profits with remaining 19% going to the German Tax authorities and 4% to PayPal or Moneybookers. The rest maintains the site. Content uploaded and distributed on CultureLoad is protected under the Creative Commons License. The site also features your regular set of networking tools—friends, messaging, profiles and ratings. In Their Own Words

“CultureLoad is the only community for music, films, photos and texts!
This is the Home where Talents get discovered and Fans support their faves.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

CultureLoad offers users a simple yet intuitive marketplace for selling and buying media. Artists get a full 75% of the profits, which is more than other sites offer. The setup and design of the site are appealing in their minimalism.

Some Questions About

How is CultureLoad going to attract users from around the world? What’s its marketing strategy? Will the site provide categories, making it easier for users to find the type of media they are looking for?