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CultureKitchenSF.comCulture Kitchen is a new service that pairs those who want to learn ethnic cooking with people who come from these very same countries who live right in their neighborhoods, and that could show them all the recipes they could ever want to learn. This matching process takes place after one has signed up for the service, provided his location and specified the kind of ethnic cooking he (or she) is interested in becoming more familiarized with.


What is important to point out, now, is that the site doesn’t actually couple people with professional chefs. No, it actually pairs users with immigrant women who have learned to cook at home, and who love their culture enough as to transmit that culinary knowledge.

A service such as this one benefits just everybody. Users get to learn to cook ethnic food without having to pay the kind of fees professional chefs always charge, and immigrants get a chance to generate an income by spreading knowledge that is innate to them, and that they can’t really certificate in any academic way. In Their Own Words

Learn how to cook REAL authentic ethnic cuisines!

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What are the actual requisites for being accepted as a cook?

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