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CultureCloud.comCulture cloud is a social network based on tag clouds. The idea is that when you search for something or start a dialogue, the conversation goes off on various tangents.

This is how the tag clouds come in. You can read a post on a subject then see the various tags related to the article and decide you´d like to check that out, which brings you to another tag that was completely unrelated to the first. Posts are listed as choice picks, which include staff and peer picks, and everything that´s been published under that tag. At any page, you will find multiple tag clouds to choose from. Culture cloud allows you to find inspiration from a topic that you never would have thought to search for. In Their Own Words

“Everything”s connected. Because life intersects where you least expect it.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Their marketing and advertising pages are well thought out and give good ideas as to why you should get involved with their site. Tag clouds seem to be everywhere now, and this makes them very easy to use and gives you lots of directions to use them in in a clear and understandable way.

Some Questions About

How will they get the word out and add more content, because right now there aren´t many places to go on each topic since there aren´t many things added to the site? Is the more mature audience that they´re aiming for big enough for this, or will people rather stick to other sites that offer more features as well as the tag clouds?