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Cultspace.orgAt, you can create your own parody religion, become a cult leader, and even blog “holy texts.


” The site offers itself up as a forum to “share serious thoughts on religion, make a complete mockery of an existing religion, or do anything in between.” Most users seem to be going the parody route, with registered cult names like “First Church of Giving Me a Dollar,” “The Grand Circle of Eternal Bacon,” and “The Cool Pope’s Church of Some Ancient Dude.” Cult leaders can add photos or an anthem to their group, and Cultspace users can leave comments on these items or on the holy text blogs. There is a forum where Cultspace members can connect and converse. While you can subscribe to someone else’s cult if its content interests you, you cannot actually join other cults. However, each cult has a fictional population number based on its overall popularity and other factors. For instance, forming a political alliance with another cult will help your population grow, while waging a holy war will decrease the population on both sides of the conflict. In Their Own Words

“Real cults are not cool. This site is just for fun. Please play nice.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Cultspace is a fun, free-thinking forum for letting your creative and/or satirical juices flow, or to explore what other users have posted. Some of the content on the site is pretty brilliant in its creativity and humor.

Some Questions About

Why can’t you join other people’s cults or gather “real” members for your own cult – instead of relying on a fictional population number? Would users prefer it if they could create more than one cult?

Author : Charly Zaks

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