– From the Kitchen to the Bed

CulinarySeductions.comAre you a guy looking to disarm a special someone with amazing eats? While there are plenty of recipe sites out there, none is quite like CulinarySeductions. The name speaks for itself.

This is a site for guys looking to win over chicks through their taste buds. Recipes are grouped by dishes and courses—be sure to check out the dishes for the morning after; you’ll also find a section for moods, e.g. sensual, wild and decadent, and for recipes classed by difficulty ranging from easy to Iron Chef. Of course any site with seduction mind isn’t complete without photos and videos; under the Girls Gone Gourmet heading take a peek at ladies enjoying their favorite morsel. For the beginners, there’s a complete primer in the Cooking 101 section. Other features include product and restaurant reviews and articles. In Their Own Words

“The best things in life happen in the kitchen, around the dinner table, and sometimes on the dinner table…

At Culinary Seductions we believe that food is the key that unlocks hearts, minds and a whole lot more. Our mission is to entertain and educate all those who are interested in winning their dates over with food.
But you don’t know a skillet from a saucepan? Relax, we’ll teach you everything you need to know. Follow our advice and if all goes well, maybe you’ll be whipping up breakfast too.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site is cheeky and populist. It’s got all the right sort of recipes for spicing up your date. Guys will appreciate the recipe groupings—eg moods and difficulty—it makes choosing a dish so much easier.

Some Questions About

Site design could use some work. Will they add a section for foods that can be used for sex? Will they expand their mood category to include things like PMS, irrational, chatty, and holding a grudge? Isn’t this aimed mostly at clueless guys who probably can’t be helped anyways—what about more sophisticated palates, will they include a section detailing ingredients and their seducing attributes?