CUE Handles – You’ll Really Want To Get A Hold Of This Tech

The handle turns. The locked door thuds. The voice on the other side is compelled to respond with something like, “Just a minute.” We’ve all been on both sides of this most awkward door. At parties, at home, public bathrooms, we’ve all endured these graceless encounters.


Though not on the same crisis level as, say, a nuclear standoff, CUE has a simple solution for these washroom meetings that we can all appreciate. CUE is “a smart door handle that allows users to discreetly use the washroom and notify others when it’s ‘safe’ to enter.”


CUE landing


The sleek door handle fits with just about any door and is straightforward enough for anyone to understand. It works like this. Once you’re inside the bathroom, you push the lock and a lock icon illuminates on the other side to let others know that the bathroom is occupied.


No more disturbing the person in the bathroom. No more having to reveal your presence while you’re in the bathroom. There’s even an illuminated lock icon on the inside of the handle as well, so you can use the bathroom with confidence.


On your way out, you push an hourglass button that initiates a five-minute sequence of red, yellow and green lights that alerts anyone waiting to when the washroom will be ready to enter.



Founder Cory Mahoney found inspiration to make CUE when his mother was diagnosed with Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis. Her disease made her feel uncomfortable using residential or public washrooms, and Cory, being a thoughtful and innovative son, set out to alleviate her stress.


If you’re suffering from disease, the last thing you need added to your life is embarrassment or more stress. Shoot, even if you’re healthy you could do without such avoidable discomfort. As the startup says, this is “privacy you can handle.”


CUE means business when it talks about helping to alleviate the embarrassment and  stigma associated with using the bathroom. The company donates 10% of its profits to Chive Charities and 15% overall to charities that support sufferers of Crohn’s and Colitis.


Ready to introduce this smart and tactful measure of privacy to your world? You can see the handle in action and learn more about the company by visiting Even better, you can back CUE’s Kickstarter campaign and help see that door handles are shipped out in mass this November. The odds favor you’ll be thanking yourself before long that you did.


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