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Cubicl.comCubicl is a new tool for communicating with others. In a certain way, it is a chat service that will let you have group conversations with just everybody, but – and this is the key to its appeal – in a way that is overarching and completely organized


That is so because you will have the chance to come up with “cubes” where people are aggregated according to any criteria that lets you make an instant association.

For example, you can have “traditional” groups such as one for your family, one for your friends and one for your colleagues. On the other hand, you can have a group bringing together those who love “Dexter”, and another with people who hate “Dexter”.

And the overarching quality that was mentioned before is felt because you see all the cubes at once, and you can conduct conversations in a very direct and uncomplicated way.

How useful this will be for you is directly proportional to how much time you spend chatting, obviously. If the answer to that question is “A lot”, then heading to the site to learn even more could be a good move. In Their Own Words

“Every day of our lives we interact with different groups of people – our family, friends, classmates, and coworkers – to name a few. Now imagine a place that brings all of these groups to life, through organized, real-time conversations.

With the click of a button, you can create a private cube for each group in your life. You can make a cube for your family, one for your siblings, another for your coworkers, one for each of your group projects, and one for each of your groups of friends – the possibilities are endless.

You can also create and join public cubes to talk about each and every one of your interests, with people who are passionate about the same movies, music, cars, artists, political issues and more!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ones who have a trillion contacts and who wish to have a more ordered experience will be benefited by it, no doubt.

Some Questions About

Is there a limit to the number of cubes you can have on the whole?

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