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Cubeless.comSabre will soon be launching Cubeless, an enterprise 2.0 community platform for the travel industry.


Sabre has teamed with American Express Business Travel to make this the ideal network for travelers around the world. Cubeless allows people to sign up, create a profile, specify their areas of expertise and then start sharing experiences. Users can search for members with a specific expertise and interact with them, allowing them to make the best travel choices. Users can ask specific questions to individual users, groups, or the entire community. Traveling to new places can be difficult so being able to get the advice of an expert before going is a really valuable tool. In Their Own Words

“A new way to live your work life and manage your travel life outside the box and explore ways to work on virtual teams, meet and know your “cubemates”, global peers and supporting department folks. It has three main functionalities; a robust employee profile lookup, a brilliant question & answer tool and self exploration tags. People with similar interests or expertise can search on tags based on their activity within the community. This creates a unique social network inside the company that connects employees and management through commonalities. Permission to travel, work and live outside of a box.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Having the advice of an expert to guide you in your travel preparations is a huge advantage. Cubeless allows people to get advice from people who have been there before. The partnership with American Express also gives this offering an immediate weight.

Some Questions About

Will enough “experts’ join up and share their knowledge? Or will they have to contract some experts at the beginning to get the ball rolling?

Author : Caroline Bright

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