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CSS3Watch.comThose among you who are into programming already know what the expression “CSS3” alludes to, but a little background must be provided for those who are not. CSS is a style sheet language that is mostly employed to give both HTML and XHTML pages a coherent style and structure.


Or (in even simpler words), CSS is used to separate the content of a document from its actual presentation

Well, CSS3 is the latest version of that style sheets language, and it is currently under active development, though some examples of pages that use CSS3 have already begun surfacing. This site gathers all of these under the same roof for programmers to take a good look at them and start thinking about which uses they would put CSS3 to themselves.

Not only that, the site brings together a lot of resources such as guides and tutorials on how to maximize a development that many claim will be as significant to design as HTML5 will be to video. Time will tell whether that is going to be the way CSS3 goes down in history or not. Time and sites like this one, of course. In Their Own Words

“Collecting examples of creative, innovative, and unexpected use of CSS3.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A lot is said about the impact CSS3 can have on the Web. Repositories like this one will let us see if we should believe the hype or not.

Some Questions About

Is this site something that an absolute beginner could enjoy?

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