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Crypo.bizCrypo-900.GX is a security tool that was designed to give users the possibility to encrypt their sensitive data. With this site you will be provided with the chance to encrypt and decrypt any selected text. You can do this with the use of a password, as well as the highly secure 1280-bit encryption algorithm.


This site resembles an old science called cryptography with the difference that in this case that science has been applied to computers. In this way you will have the chance to use the most advanced algorithms to protect your private files.

Crypo-900.GX can be accurately defined as an effective security tool that was developed with the intention to help you when it comes to encrypting your sensitive data. With this solution you will have the chance to protect your messages from illegal viewing.

One good thing about this service is that you will not have to use any remote server. In this way your text is going to be totally safe because your password will not be made known anywhere by the site.

The only thing you need to do to be benefited with this service’s advantages is to enter a message text and your encryption password. After that all your information is going to be totally secure and saved. In case you feel you want to know more about this site, do not hesitate to give it a visit at In Their Own Words

“Keep Your Secrets: A Safe, Easy Way to Encrypt Text. Cryptography is an old science and it has been used for decades by governments and armies around the world to protect their confidential data. Nowadays, cryptography took its place in our computers, allowing ordinary users to use the most advanced algorithms to protect their private files. CRYPO-900.GX is a security tool to encrypt your sensitive data. Encrypt and Decrypt any selected text with a password using the Secure Very Strong Military Grade 1280-bit Encryption Algorithm. With CRYPO-900.GX you can protect your messages from unauthorized viewing.”

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It is a useful solution for anybody that want to keep their information safe.

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Is there any other solution provided by this company?

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