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CrushAider.comCrushAider is a new platform that makes it easy for any person who is in love to know if his feelings are actually reciprocated, and whether making a move would pay off or would just ruin a friendship for good. CrushAider makes that possible by letting people reveal their crushes anonymously. If there is someone that makes your heart skip a beat, here you can tell the world about it, and your identity will not be revealed to the rest. CrushAider will know it, of course. Only if the person you have a crush on also reveals that she has a crush on you will a match be made, and will your names become known to each other.

It is a simple approach, and one that works comfortably well in practice. Registration is quick and basic, and once you are done you can express your feelings with as much panache and finesse as you can muster. And far more effectively that playing she-loves me, she-loves-me-not, of course. In Their Own Words

CrushAider is a Privacy Centric Relationship Enabling Platform. It facilitates easy expression of love between known people without the fear of rejection, embarrassment & change in relationship dynamics.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a safe and purposeful way to share your feelings ? only if the other person does the same will a connection actually be made.

Some Questions About

How will the site be promoted? Will people take to it?