– Technology Companies On The Map

CrunchVision.comCrunchVision is a new online resource that is defined by the team behind it as a database of technology companies. In actuality, it is a Google Maps-powered resource that takes CrunchBase as its starting point and then presents the results on a map for you to click about and see what is headquartered where.

The opening screen is quite interesting, as the map of the whole world that is included gives anybody a good overview of where is the industry centered. This is nothing new for you and me, but for those who are new to the game or conducting research it is a very immediate tool.

When it comes to each enterprise, the data that is displayed on the map includes a brief corporate description and access to the full profile that is featured in CrunchBase. A link to the official website of each company is always featured.

Lastly, a link for adding your own company to the site is part of the premises. You can put it to good use in case your company is not on the map and you wish to set about rectifying the situation. In Their Own Words

“Database of technology companies.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a resource gives anybody a good understanding of the way the corporate technological landscape is conformed.

Some Questions About

How many companies are already featured? Are there noticeable omissions?