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This website,, takes out from you the nuance of collecting funds from a group of people for any given purpose. It is not that you won’t want to raise funds, but the task of doing so eats up much of your time, and sometimes you don’t have it, as much as you may really need it.
can be used for private purposes or for corporate ends such as a business or a charity foundation. Let’s take a look at how it works.

You create an account at the site. Then, you post the cause for which you are raisingfunds. It may be for example to make a wedding or anniversary gift. Also, more public issues can be the goal of this fund raising. For example, a neighbourhood which needs to get a street fixed from all the holes in it. The local hospital could as well use to raise the amount of money needed for buying new beds or technological equipment which will eventually benefit the whole community.

The practicity of this web platform is its greatest strength. Whoever starts a campaign may share it through Facebook or Twitter, thus making it known to every contact. These people in turn may not only collaborate but make the campaign known to other contacts, which could feel motivated to give some help.

Setting a target amount, by which the campaign will tilt, means that if after a defined period the collaborations did not reach the needed about, nobody will have to pay. If on the other hand, collaborations reach or surpass the target, the campaigns tilt and every collaborator’s credit card will be charged with the amount donated.

It is a way in which nobody has to take charge of keeping track of who collaborated and how much did they donate when pooling for funds. And the social network touch even makes it a fun activity to engage in. In Their Own Words

Crowdtilt makes the pooling of funds between groups simple, social, and fun.

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Isn’t a FAQ section missing from the site, which would give users a better idea about

Author : Charly Zaks

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