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CrowdStorm.comLooking into splurging for a new camera? Not sure if you are picking the best one for you at the best price? Go to and get the suggestion and advice of others who know more about the products you want.

Tag a cloud and search for any product you like. Or is there a product you would like to talk about that is not listed? Simply add it to the growing list of products that users have submitted. As a user you can add friends whose opinion you value, you
can also collect Storm points which represent how active you are in the community. Products that are popular within the CrowdStorm community are included in the buzz list, they are the hottest products. In Their Own Words

“Crowdstorm is a site to help you figure out what to buy, by showing you the buzz around products. Users recommend products and write comments about them, and the best items bubble up to the top.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site lets you get shopping advice right from your home. You can search for any item imaginable. Find the buzziest products or the most recent, or most recommended. You can choose your friends by looking at their profile and seeing what type of shopping they claim to be an expert at. This community allows buyers to have fun while shopping.

Some Questions About

Online shopping can be fun but will people spend the extra time to make a profile and take shopping to a social community level? How does compete with traditional online shopping sites?