– Poll The Users Of Your App

CrowdSavvy.comCrowd Savvy is a new polling platform that is geared towards developers of native iPhone and Android apps. By installing six lines of code into their apps, they will be able to gather information from their users through an intuitive web interface. The results of these surveys will become measurable in real time, using the provided dashboard.

Thanks to Crowd Savvy, developers are enabled to quantify feedback, analyze customer demographics and benchmark the overall performance of their applications in a really smooth way. Just as importantly, they are allowed to get new ideas from customers, and to make it clear to those who are paying their wages that they are always listening.

Right now, Crowd Savvy is in beta. This means you can create an account at no cost and test the service to the full – something that before too long is going to be possible only if you pay a fee. The company will go for a tiered approach, whose exact details (IE prices and limitations) are yet to be announced. In Their Own Words

Your customers are your competitive advantage. Measure what matters.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will give developers a ready chance to know who their users are and how they feel about their apps.

Some Questions About

When are plans going to be announced? How many are going to be available?