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Crowdfunding With Barely Any Fees – It’s About PRIKKEN Time!

Is there any excitement that matches running a successful crowdfunding campaign? Waiting to see if you’ll hit your goal, passing your goal, knowing you’ll get to put your idea out into the world, discovering you’re going to cough up 20% of the money you’ve raised… Wait, whuuuut?


It’s a dirty little secret of the crowdfunding game that hitting your target goal is only a partial victory. Unless that total has been carefully considered, even a successful campaign might prove a bust once everyone has their cut, leaving too little to actually fund a project.


PRIKK takes a different approach to crowdfunding and aims to put a stop to such heartbreak. PRIKK only charges transaction fees (about 3%). They don’t ask for a giant slice of your hard-earned stash, they don’t wedge themselves into your company by claiming equity, nor do they hammer your generous donors with onerous fees. They help you fund your idea and they stay out of your way (they plan to earn their revenue from advertising for the time being).


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On the PRIKK crowdfunding platform, you can pursue backing for any kind of project you like. There aren’t any type restrictions, as far as raising funds for creative projects or business ventures. Fund an art installation, a building construction; collect money for charity, bottle your own wine; make an app or video game – whatever you dream of doing, fund it on PRIKK.


Another hangup that derails a lot of crowdfunding projects is that people ask for money prematurely. They don’t have an established stable of backers ready for action. PRIKK helps here as well. Besides hosting projects, the platform also includes crowdfunding news, a marketplace, jobs listing, and has a robust social media outreach…


So, not only can you find financial support on PRIKK, you can actually sell your products, find the right people to work for you and make your idea even better. You can promote the hell out of your project (which is a great way to save a fortune and to reach your goals).


PRIKK bills itself as “the next level of crowdfunding.” It wants to give people more freedom to realize their ideas – whatever they might be – and equip them with better tools to both raise and keep more money. With this model, the most difficult aspect of the platform might be waiting until they launch in March of 2016.


Don’t let that news bum you out. You can still register as a backer or project creator or both, as a beta user. Got an idea? Ready to change the world? Follow your dream? Learn more about how PRIKK can make crowdfunding an even better option for you here.


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Author : Roger Hollings

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