Crowdfunding Heroes Has Every Resource You Need For Crowdfunding Success

Crowdfunding is huge and there are way too many awesome projects going at once for any one person to keep track of. Each week I bring you one of my personal favorites in this column, Currently Crowdfunding, so you know where to spend your hard-earned dollars or, in the case of this week’s feature, earn them.




In last week’s Currently Crowdfunding column I introduced you all to Prefundia, the site that helps you build up a following before launching your crowdfunding campaign. This week I want to offer another resource to keep your campaign from falling into the scrap heap of failed crowdfunding dreams. It’s called Crowdfunding Heroes and it’s here to help.


A husband/wife team with killer credentials.

The founders of Crowdfunding Heroes are Jim and Audri Lanford. Audri boasts a Ph.D. from Stanford, where she focused on statistics and research, while Jim wrote the software for one of the space shuttle projects. Together they’ve raised millions of dollars for multiple businesses and they’ve also taught and mentored thousands of entrepreneurs.


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Basically, they’re the “get your campaign crowdfunded” dream team: two super smart humans who have a lot of experience with small business.


The Crowdfunding Heroes System

The Lanfords have developed the H.E.R.O.E.S. system, which you can download for free on their site. The goal of their system is to not only get your campaign funded but to get it overfunded, something that they say has worked for multiple campaigns that have used their system.





They also offer a few other trainings, including Cracking the Crowdfunding Code, which has been used to raise over $2.7 million for a variety of campaigns over the past year. The Landfords recommend it for those of you who are looking to overfund and they believe in it so much that they’ll refund your $7 if you’re not 100% satisfied.


On the same page, you’ll also find links to Simply Smarter Crowdfunding, Kickstarter School, and Social Media Results.


A resource-rich site.

On top of their own systems, the Lanfords have also stocked their site with other free resources to help you and your campaign. Their tools page includes excellent websites that will hold your hand through the entire crowdfunding process, from research to email and web page creation to social media, promotion, and even outsourcing.


They also have a blog under the “Advice” tab that’s updated regularly and is full of great, well, advice on making your crowdfunding campaign the best it can be.


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Truth of the matter is, crowdfunding is a great new resource for people looking to make their dreams come true, but it’s not easy. Unless you already have a lot of knowledge about how it truly works, it can be really difficult and disheartening to raise those much-needed dollars. The Lanfords have created an invaluable resource with Crowdfunding Heroes that you should definitely take advantage of, whether you’re already mid-campaign or about to launch something new.


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