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CrowdFlower.comIf you happen to be looking for workforce in order to fill gaps that have materialized in your current company or organization, this solution will accommodate your needs quite minutely. Essentially, it enables any employer who needs to crowdsource any task to do so with human talent the world over.


This system lends particularly well to all these jobs that are easy for a human being and complicated for a machine, while also having independent prices – that is, prices that vary according to the human factor at play.

The main advantage something like this brings to employers is that they can effectively hire as many people as they might need without ever picking up the phone. The dynamics of the website imply that the tedious aspects are left out of the equation and the aspects that should really matter are the ones that are analyzed. And something named “CrowdControl” is there to ensure that the people who is hired do the job. A confidence rating is provided as part of it for pinpointing weaknesses and strengths, whereas quality control and quality assurance are actively gauged, lowering the chance of errors or ambiguity.

And something called a “Gold Standard” is the basis of the whole system and it translates into candidates being assessed all the time and notified when they have erred so that they can improve their performance. The idea is to monitor candidates all the time and show them exactly what it is expected (and needed) of them. That is, candidates are not only found but actually guided along the way so that they do not lose stride and those who perform particularly well can be singled out. In Their Own Words

“CrowdControl gets you better results and better workers.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a direct way of accessing workforce that has a better guarantee to do the job well in the first place owing to the minute control exerted over it.

Some Questions About

How much does this cost? Will it be available worldwide?

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