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CrowdControlHQ.comA social media tool, Crowd Control HQ is sure to make the lives of brand managers a lot easier. They will be able to monitor the mentions that the brand they have to look after is getting on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and track how influent the brand is really turning to be.

Such information is presented in a neat way, as graphs and reports can be generated at a mere click. Having such information at hand, determining the best marketing strategies to be implemented should not be that difficult.

Besides, Crowd Control HQ comes with automatic moderation for Facebook pages. This is actually one of its best features, if only because of the amount of time that can be saved through it.

Two paid versions of Crowd Control HQ are currently available: “Light” and “Enterprise”. The “Light” version makes for managing up to 5 different social media accounts at the very same time. It is limited in the sense that the user won’t get text messages alerting him of any predefined situation. But other than that, it is not really lacking in terms of features. In Their Own Words

“Social media software.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Any person who has to look after a Twitter or Facebook account will recognize all the time and effort that can be saved through a platform like this one.

Some Questions About

Will other plans be introduced later on?