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A centralized way to keep all the information about your organization, will help you with every task related to managing groups of people. Think of the site as a social network but only for your company. This will keep people from outside from cluttering your contacts with other topics. Although you could use a social network for creating a particular group, the risk is always present of someone accepting a contact which has nothing to do with the group.

With no threat of users to get distracted, Crowdbinder will allow for you and members of any group, whether a company, a charity foundation or just your college mates, to have easy contact and organize yourselves. You can send messages to the whole group or particular member, organize group chats, schedule online or real world meetings, among many other tasks.

However, Crowdbinder is not all about communication. There are many interesting apps for organizing and storing information about the group or organization. For example, you can keep track of newly joined or past members, with no need of keeping paperwork and fill space with archives cluttering some offices.

They guys from care about your privacy, so you won’t have to worry about your information filtering out. Their is an open channel for you to make suggestions to the service, being a newly released product. Because of this, they offer their service completely free until march 2012. So maybe it is worth trying the product before that deadline. In Their Own Words

CrowdBinder is designed to be used by any organization that has events, meetings, records to store or things to discuss.

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Wouldn?t they do better by leaving a permanent free version, maybe with less features that paid oens?

Author : Charly Zaks

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