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Crowdbeacon.comCrowdbeacon feels and behaves like a mobile version of Quora. Let me explain: Crowdbeacon is an iPhone application that lets people find experts that could advise them on anything, based on their current location. That is obviously determined using the GPS of the phone, and the idea is bringing the insight that a site such as Quora is known to provide into a level that is even more relatable.


Users of Crowdbeacon can categorize their questions, and then receive answers from other individual users and from merchants in their close proximity who want to make new customers walk through their doors.

Crowdbeacon is really good as it stands, but the app would be even better if integration with Facebook and Twitter were provided. Yet, I am sure that will come in time – after all, integration not only with Foursquare but also with Yelp and Wishpond has already been implemented. If these services have already been taken into account, it is hard to think the team behind Crowdbeacon will pass on Facebook and Twitter.

Crowdbeacon is a free application. In Their Own Words

Turning location into communication.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is an app that comes at the right time – it is a bit like Foursquare and Yelp crossed with Quora.

Some Questions About

Will other mobiles ever be supported?

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