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Announcing The Winners Of The Crowd2Shelf Contest

The winners of the Crowd2Shelf contest, sponsored by Fundable and Staples, were announced at the end of last week. The Crowd2Shelf contest, which was in association with the Sprosty network, drew thousands of startups from across the country to compete in a three part contest, with the final prize being the chance to sell their goods on Staples shelves and on the Staples website.



The first part of the contest consisted of each company competing in a crowdfunding contest. In the second stage, 25 of the most innovative companies went head to head, gathering votes and more crowdfunding money. Finally, expert judges chose the top companies based on how they performed in round 2 and also whether they thought the companies could be successful in the market.


“We were incredibly impressed with the caliber of startup product companies that participated in the Crowd2Shelf Contest,” said Scott Young, contest judge and Senior VP of Product and Business Development at Staples. “While it was a difficult decision, the winners best represent Staples’ mission of making more happen. Each winning team has created a unique product and is at the cutting edge of their industry.”


And now, without further ado, here are the winning teams:






Eva is disrupting the home lighting market from Wilmington, Delaware, with their remote-controlled recessed LED lighting. Combining the appearance of traditional bulbs with the convenience of smart lights, Eva makes it super easy to both save money on electricity and also control the mood lighting in your home.


Eva took the contest by storm, winning both the Crowd Favorite title with 23,670 votes and the Pre-Sale Leader with $140,505 raised.


Because the contest called for three first place winners and Eva won two categories, the judges went on to pick three more. The following companies are the winners of the Judges Choice category.





This Austin, Texas-based company, Plum, will provide users with smartphone-controlled lighting.





Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, nHand is a secure tablet holder that allows users to hold their tablets more securing, reducing the risk of damaging these expensive tools.


The Plug Radio



Straight from sunny Hollywood, California, The Plug Radio is an outlet-mounted bluetooth music player. It also serves as a power bank to charge your devices.


These four companies are now moving forward to present their products and ideas to future products to the Staples store merchandising teams for the chance to sell their products nationwide. Keep an eye out, folks: you’ll soon be recognizing at least one of them as a household name.


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EvaPlum | nHand | Plug Radio | Epic Fireworks


Author : Emma McGowan

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