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Here’s How You Stop Cloud Storage Insanity From Spreading – CrossCloud

I hate the cloud! I can’t remember where anything is kept. I keep getting notices about how my Drobox is full, which is just stupid because I have tons of available space with other services like Google Drive. No one uses the same services – and manually moving stuff around takes forever.


OK, I’m going to breathe now. Truthfully, I love the cloud and being able to both store and access files across the Internet using multiple devices. Cloud services are amazing.  It’s keeping them organized and remembering how you’re using each one that causes so many headaches.


If you’re obsessive-compulsive like I am, and you prefer your clouds to be lined up as nicely as green beans on the dinner plate (everyone lines them up, right?), then you’ll want to reduce your risks of a cloud-triggered aneurism by checking out CrossCloud.


CrossCloud is an application that unites all of your cloud services in one place, keeping them synced so that you don’t lose your mind trying to keep tabs on where everything is stored. Hallelujah!


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Stressed about running out of space? CrossCloud eliminates anxiety by making it easy to distribute data. Maximize available space without needing to shuffling things around endlessly.


No clue where you last uploaded that photo you want now? Instead of rummaging around through individual services, you only need to turn to CrossCloud. No matter what you add – no matter what service you use – it’s all aggregated in one place.


No team wants to waste valuable time fretting over how they’re going to collaborate. With CrossCloud, users can focus on creating. Sharing is so much simpler, because once something is added it’s synced for each user to find quickly.


Not to mention, with CrossCloud it is no longer necessary to load each application on each device you use (tedious!). If you have CrossCloud, you’re good to go, because the application brings everything together for you.


The cloud is intended to lighten our loads, make it easier to work and to store things online. Managing cloud storage shouldn’t feel like a full-time job. It’s this simple: no one wants to spend time thinking about how to use various accounts. CrossCloud takes thinking out of the equation. Use, share – find!! – what you need in the same place, always.


Secure, cooperative and tidy. Sound like the cloud experience you’ve been after but have yet to experience firsthand? Discover a more hassle-free way to navigate your cloud storage at


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