– Review Media And Make Friends

Criticrania.comCriticrania is self-defined as the first multimedia social network ever. What does that mean, and in which senses is the experience of users different from the one provided on sites like Facebook?

Well, first thing first: interactions on this site revolve around all type of media. This includes movies, television, video games, music and books. That is what people basically have in common here. On Criticrania, people review their favorite books, shows, movies and CDs. They say what they think, and they give everything a rating of their own. And that is what other users get to see about them first – which books and movies they love, which artists they follow and which shows they never miss.

From the above, it is obvious that this a more streamlined social site than Facebook. Criticrania focuses on letting users get to know each other based on their favorite media. This is different from Facebook, where people can bond in other ways – ways which are less-specific, if you will. And that is just right, if you ask me. We already have Facebook. Do we need more sites that let you do exactly the same thing? Exactly. In Their Own Words

Criticrania takes all the aspects of a social network – friends, messaging, etc. – and combines them with all types of media – movies, television, books, video games, and music. Whether you leave comments, write reviews, or give your own ratings, let your opinion be heard.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who fancy themselves as critics will have a great chance to speak their minds, and make new friends in the process.

Some Questions About

Are people really going to become motivated to interact like this? What could make the site appealing to a larger degree of users?