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Criticker.comCriticker is all about helping you discover new films that you might enjoy based on your previous ratings of past viewed films. After you’ve rated ten films, their Taste Compatibility Index (TCI) kicks into gear, showing you the other users who have rated movies similar to what you scored.

The more movies with similar ratings, the better your TCI, increasing the chance that you’ll agree with other ratings they’ve made. This helps you to uncover movies you’ll probably enjoy instead of having to take the word of professional critics or other friends who may have different tastes to yours. There’s also a forum where you can connect with other users and discuss all topics related to movies. So if you’re having a hard time deciding which movie to rent or go spend big bucks seeing in the theatre, checking up with the people on Criticker with similar tastes to your own has a lot more of a chance of providing you with an accurate idea as to what to expect from your viewing experience. In Their Own Words

“Criticker aims to match you with the people who share your taste in film most exactly. By using the Taste Compatibility Index (TCI), you can identify with whom you most agree, out of thousands. It’s more than just movie recommendations: you’re paired with the people whose tastes are most compatible with your own, and thus get the most accurate advice possible.

We strive to make Criticker an open system. Although the calculations behind the TCI might only be interesting to a small group of geeks people, we make it available. You can see exactly why a certain user is in your top 10, or why a particular film was recommended. If you want, you can sit there with a pen and paper and do the math yourself (geek heaven!) Also, we’re honest: Criticker will never push films upon you — if the math predicts that you’ll hate a new blockbuster, that’s what we’ll tell you!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Criticker makes it easy to find new movies to enjoy and makes it quick to rate movies to add to the accuracy of your TCI. They have a decent chance of getting people to buy from their lists of items since they generally deal with movies you can buy in places like Amazon or eBay. There’s a lot of site activity, so clearly many people have found their algorithms to be helpful in the search for their next great movie viewing experience.

Some Questions About

The advertising gets to be too much and makes for a really busy site. Could they maybe add the option of viewing recommendations and using the site without all of the extra ads for a small fee?