– Blog Advertising Network is a text advertising network which allow bloggers to insert ads into their main site or RSS feeds, while deciding in which part of the site they want it displayed, and also, since the system is not based on contextual ads, it doesn’t violate Google ads’ policy and thus is a cool way for bloggers to increase revenue at multi advertising.

Ads are both available in graphical and text-only formats. The site offers 70% revenue share per click, which is really more, because users decide what ads they want, and since they can choose stuff that is connected to the content in the blog, they maximize the possibility of revenue. The list of advertisers is of 6,000+ advertisers, and bloggers can choose them by keyword. Bloggers are paid via PayPal with a minimum account value of $5, which is quite more than what competitors offer, plus free statistics on vital issues like track adclicks, adviews, click-thru rates and more on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis.