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CribView.Cribster.bizCribView takes the concept which lies at the heart of services like Google Maps and Street View, and brings it to a whole new level. And I am sure many would raise their eyebrows when they learn what this new site is all about.


In principle, CribView lets you show everybody the place where you live. It’s just like a Google Map for every room in your house. By using this paid application, you will be giving every person who can access the Internet a chance to see every corner of the place you live in.

Now, a service like this one can have more than its fair share of uses. Just think of businesses that want to give online customers a more personalized attention, and those who are trying to sell off their houses.

Still, people wanting to show off all their possessions will also use this service and probably rue the consequences. These are the kind of individuals who always display their dates of birth on Facebook, along with their street addresses. That should not belittle the fact that CribView can be put some excellent commercial uses, but it sadly will. In Their Own Words

“Crib View is taking Street View to the next level. Finally your friends can look right into your place and wander around.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is the perfect technology for those who want to sell their houses – they couldn’t give people a better online tour if they tried.

Some Questions About

Will this service ever be available in other countries besides the US?

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