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Creddon Will Turn Your Slactivism Into Activism With Donations For Tweets

Today’s Killer Startup: Creddon



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Elevator Pitch:

Creddon “empowers slacktivism” by turning tweets into charitable donations.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

“Slactivism” is a very internet-era term, referring to people who show their support for causes by tweeting hashtags or reposting articles and then thinking that they’ve done something in order to advance the cause. It’s a good way to raise awareness about issues, but it’s not a great way to raise another thing that NGOs and other causes need — money.


Creddon is out to change that. They’ve paired up with high-end donors who have committed a dollar per tweet. All users have to do is pick a cause they care about, tweet the hashtag, and know that they’ve contributed much-needed money.


The homepage of Creddon tracks how much money each cause has raised, in a similar style to traditional crowdfunding sites. At the time of me writing this post, the causes supported include a healthcare organization, a poverty alleviation group, and a company trying to address the gender gap in the tech world. Each cause has a goal that they’re trying to meet, and clicking on the “Preview tweet” under the image brings you to a new page where you can add your own text to a pre-seeded tweet. Once you’re good to go, just send it out! It’s the easiest donation you’ll ever give.


Creddon currently works on Twitter and Facebook and the site’s About page explains that they’re still in beta and intend on adding more social networks and features in the future.


Those of us who spend a lot of time online catch so much slack for being “apathetic” and not making “real change.” Well, now the next time someone accuses you of not doing enough, point them to Creddon and ask, “When’s the last time YOU donated money?”



Turn #slacktivism into #activism with @CreddonHQ


Photo Credits:

Creddon | OutSanity Photos/Flickr

Author : Emma McGowan

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