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Creaza.comCreaza is a new social site that will be relished by those who have a creative streak. Generally speaking, it will empower them to generate content via a toolbox and use it either for school assignments or for leisure purposes.

The featured tools include both an application for drawing cartoons and an organizer for getting your creative ideas in order. These go by the names of Cartoonist and Mindomo respectively. Furthermore, an audio and a movie editor are part of the premises and can be freely used.

This service is available to any person who has a web-enabled browser and that has the Flash plug-in installed. PC, Mac and Linux users can then employ it and let their creativity take flight. If you deem yourself as a bit of an artist, or if you want to figure out how much of one you are, this site will let you realize it on the spot. Just create an account and you are ready to start carving out your artistic path. In Their Own Words

“Creaza offers you an integrated, web-based toolbox for creative work, both at school and in your free time. You use the toolbox along with various fully developed thematic universes: historical periods, fairy-tales, fantasy worlds, and current challenges, such as climate/environment.

Creaza integrates professional and user-generated content, creative tools and a social network in a new and innovative way.

Users on Creaza have the opportunity to share their work with other Internet users and can give each other comments and suggestions on the products they choose to share.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ones who are looking for a creative outlet will no doubt find this portal fulfilling.

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