Creava – Forget The Starving Artist Shtick, And Be A Thriving Artist

A funny thing about creative people – they’re not often very creative when it comes to finding work. There are good reasons for this. They need to spend a lot of time honing their skills and practicing their craft, so they’re not naturally inclined to invest energy in seeking work. And like any project, finding work requires time, energy, and often imagination.


Creava is a new website and application for artists, craftspeople, and performers to find local work. It connects them with people looking to both collaborate and hire. This saves creative workers the pains of finding work and allows them to put their unique talents to the best use. And it saves them from the spirit-draining reality of living as a starving artist.


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I know firsthand how hard it can be to find suitable work when you have an artistic lean. I studied poetry, and had no clue how to find useful employment while I was studying. So I chose to work in restaurants for the longest time. I learned a lot about people doing this, but I didn’t further my writing one bit. I knew I had writing skills, but didn’t know how to put them to gainful use.


And we can be honest – artists and craftspeople often keep a chip on their shoulder about finding work. It’s hard for them to accept the need to do anything other than exactly what they’d like to be doing.


I wish I’d had Creava at my disposal early on in my training as a writer. It does give artists a way to do what they want – if not exactly, then by providing work opportunities that will challenge each artist and continue to develop skills.


People can also make their knowledge and skills available locally by offering lessons on Creava. I receive notices from Simply Hired all the time about people in California looking for a poetry tutor, and have often lamented that there wasn’t the same interest closer to me. Well, maybe there is. Creava is the way to find out, giving artists a platform for putting their skills and profile out in the world where people can find them more easily.


Creative pursuits require a lot of private study and practice. Since this work entails following a passion, it’s second nature to commit to the work. Absorbed in solitude, however, it’s easy to forget that creative pursuits also depend on outside help as well – for collaboration, inspiration, an audience — a living. For the many artists who struggle with the latter, Creava is a great resource.


If you’re looking for custom jobs, fellow creative workers, students with whom you can share your trade, or if you’d like to hire local creative people, look no further than Creava.


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