Create Stunning Digital Signs with Look Digital Signage

How do you share important information with your employees or customers? While traditional methods like emails or in-person meetings may be easy to do, they don’t capture your audience’s attention quite like visually appealing digital signs. With Look Digital Signage, managing these signs has never been easier.

Look is a digital signage software that lets you manage your signs at any time from any location. After installing the Look player on your screens, you can use the Look Content manager on your PC or tablet to remotely manage your screens. Look enables you to upload audio, images, video and ZIP HTML content to create and broadcast elegant and engaging playlists to one screen or many.

This offers a variety of benefits for businesses of all kinds, from retail to banking to corporate offices and more. Retail stores, for example, can use their signs to up-sell and cross-sell within their stores to increase customer spending. Banks, fitness centers and more can use their signs to catch the attention of potential new customers and provide current customers with helpful information about their branch or location. For corporate offices, digital signs are a great way to highlight employee achievements, provide breaking news, or manage the booking of conference rooms. With Look, companies are able to do all of this remotely, and can even schedule content to run ahead of time.


Layout designer: With the layout designer, users can customize their display by dividing the screen into multiple sections that each plays different content at the same time. The inbuilt graphics editor lets users control the look and feel of their imagery, and the layout designer allows users to create adaptive layouts that adjust to screens of varying sizes.

App integration: Users can pull content from popular news, social media, business, finance and video apps to provide their audience with engaging and relevant information.

Interactive scenarios: Look users with touch monitors can increase engagement with their audience through multi-layered interactive scenarios, such as an interactive catalog, gamification, and collecting feedback.

Offline playback: Content is stored on the device itself, so it will continue to play even in offline mode. An internet connection is only needed when uploading content, updating settings, or monitoring the screen’s status.

Smart scheduling: Instead of having to make updates in real time, the broadcast start time and duration can be set for an entire playlist or individual content sections.

Multi-user access: Multiple users can collaborate on network management, and can be assigned specific access rights depending on their role.

Built-in statistics: Look users can track and download important data about their content impressions, helping to inform decisions about future content.

24/7 support: Look customer service representatives are always available via their online chat feature.

Digital signs shouldn’t be boring. Look Digital Signage’s award-winning software makes it easy to create and broadcast relevant and eye-catching content to engage with their audience, whether customers or employees. Check it out for yourself at

Look Digital Signage

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