– Lunch-O-Matic: Making Lunch Easier

CrazyMenu.comCrazyMenu has come up with a brilliant site for figuring out what’s for lunch at the office. It helps office teams gather up a consensus about what to eat and where.

The Group Order function allows employees to pick places to order from, customize their orders, and fax or print the compiled menu. There’s also voting function, Pick-A-Place, in which suggestions are tallied and voted on. Restaurant managers can upload their menus complete with delectable photos to increase their business orders by up to 400%. Current cities on the CrazyMenu roster include Paris, Toronto, New York, Chicago, L.A., Houston, London, and Montreal among others. In Their Own Words

“Crazymenu is a collection of online applications and tools-geared more toward office workers-to make eating lunches as easy as pie TM. However, the site can be used by anyone to find any type of restaurants or eating places for any occasion.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

City folks interested in lunching will definitely like this site. Employees may take ages to decide what to eat and where to order from, but using CrazyMenu simplifies the process. It makes lunch a little bit more democratic. Other goodies that everyone will love include reviews, voting, coupons, and real-time coordination.

Some Questions About

Is their a price for listing your restaurant? Will CrazyMenu expand to other cities?


Yes, we are adding new restaurant menus on daily bases with update prices. Also, any site user is welcome to update or add their favorite menus.

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