Save Money Every Time You Pay With Mobile App CrayPay

You are about to hear a very compelling reason for making payments with your mobile phone instead of your credit cards: there’s a new mobile payment app that saves you money every time you pay.


It’s easy to use. And it saves you money. It’s secure. And it saves you money. It opens opportunities for additional discounts and promotions. And… it saves you money.


The app is called CrayPay, and it’s absolutely free for iOS and Android users. It’s a fantastic tool for businesses, as it allows them to avoid the credit card processing fees that eat into profits. Plus, the platform provides businesses with the means to market directly to consumers, extending offers and special promotions.




Everyone appreciates savings and convenience. CrayPay is easy for consumers to use. When it comes time to make a payment, they enter the amount due into the app and CrayPay generates a redemption code. Customers then give the code to the cashier (or at an online checkout), and the bill is paid.


To begin making payments with CrayPay, you link an account to the app, however, CrayPay doesn’t store any banking information on your phone. So if you lose your phone, your personal data is secure. Touch ID or pin entry to open the app before making payments adds another layer of security, so customers can shop with confidence, both offline and online.


Thousands of national brands and regional locations already accept payment through CrayPay, including the likes of Amazon, AMC Theatres, Old Navy, and Red Robin. Through the CrayPay app, businesses can quickly reach consumers with on-the-spot incentives, giving customers a new way to discover local deals.



CrayPay heaps savings on top of traditional reward programs by offering points on money saved. Consumers score wins multiple times. First, they save money on all of their purchases. Then they score whatever rewards benefits are attached to their account. And, the more that they use CrayPay, the more savings points they accumulate, which eventually enables them to access even bigger incentives.


With online and automatic payments, it’s grown extremely easy for us to pay little attention to our banking accounts. Too easy for many of us. And we lose sight of the bigger financial picture. CrayPay puts the spotlight back onto savings, something we all care about and can rally behind tracking more closely.


Safe, easy, and it saves you money. Ready to begin making payments with your phone and keep more money in your wallet? Psyched to offer your customers a better way to pay and eliminate credit card processing fees? Sign up for CrayPay beta at


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