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CrashTheInauguration.comA resource that has a suitable title, this portal stands as the inauguration guide for people without tickets. The event is already being termed as “The Woodstock of Washington”, and if you want to join in the celebration spontaneously this site is for you.

Issues such as how to get to DC and finding accommodation stand preeminently among the information on offer, along with a thorough description of the events that are going to be held on that historical day.

The site also includes a wealth of videos that showcase how everything is being put into place to accommodate the large influx of people, as well as giving away information as it becomes available regarding the different aspects of the celebration itself.

As reported by ABC, about 5 million people will be there the coming 20th of January. If you want to take part of that defining moment in American history, yet are unsure on how to proceed best, a visit to this site is certain to point you in the right direction. In Their Own Words

“The inauguration guide for people without tickets.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those planning on attending the inauguration will find such a resource worth the while.

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Can you book a room through the site?

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