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CoWorkersAds.comCoWorkersAds is a classifieds for, you guessed it, coworkers. The premise: you trust your coworkers and colleagues more than you would some random stranger advertising on Craigslist or eBay, so why not take advantage of what they’ve got to offer via a closed classifieds network.

With CoWorkersads, only your colleagues can see and respond to your ads. Your work email address domain determines access. Your dealings will only take place within your trusted network of work mates, people you see every day and people you know. Ads are free to post. You can search locally by inputting your company +country where you work, thus you needn’t see ads from colleagues living thousands of miles away. Alternately, search by category. Once you see an item you like, meet up with your fellow worker and test it out before you buy it. CoWorkersAds puts trust and confidence back into the marketplace. In Their Own Words

“ is meant to be used by any co-workers’ community, or anyone belonging to any organization. All dealings are kept within this community. This is a community of real people who meet every day, not an online network of imaginary friends and contacts.
It brings trust, security and privacy in its nutshell, which is extremely important when buying or selling items.

Nothing can be more reliable than your co-workers community, and this is exactly why people turn to their colleagues first before going somewhere else (like local online or paper classifieds service, or global marketplaces (e.g. eBay, or similar)). They expect to see quickest results with their colleagues rather than anyone else, which is most of the time true.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

CoWorkersAds enables coworkers to find and sell items within a trusted and safe network. Users won’t be scammed or tricked. They’ll be able to test out products before they purchase, and they can rest assured that they’ll get their money’s worth. You have to see your coworkers on a daily basis, so you can bet that they won’t anything un-gentlemanly. CoWorkersAds also beats company bulletins as its specific and intuitive.

Some Questions About

Is there a market for this? Doesn’t this limit the items you can find? Do people really trust their coworkers more than they would anyone else?

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