Coverstory – Today’s Headlines at Usain Bolt Speed

Take this for what it’s worth, coming from a junkie for both the printed word and news – without striking images, no one pays attention to stories. And even then, there’s no guarantee. Just ask Flipboard.


Coverstory offers a new way to take in today’s headlines and news.


coverstory landing


Aptly named, Coverstory begins with a cover serving as a clear window into a story – a bold, fullscreen photo with a headline superimposed over the image. It’s both an eye-catching design and a news display fit for our smartphones.


We’ve put up with layouts that present images with tiny print, because that’s what we’ve been accustomed to, but you’ll lose your patience after a look at Coverstory. Covers have magazine-quality images with headlines that are larger than typical and read straight to the point. Covers give everything your eye and brain need – in the right proportions – to consume the news.


Simple, personal, vivid. You immediately know whether or not a story is for you. If it is, you can swipe to then get the story behind the cover, be it a brief article or photo or video. If not, you can quickly move along to the next cover.




What has the Internet conditioned us to crave in addition to powerful images?


Speed. I would venture to say that Coverstory’s minimalist design will allow you to scan headlines as fast as possible before sacrificing comprehension. In this format, you could even be on a bumpy commute to work and manage to touch base with all that’s going on in the world of interest to you, lightening fast, no problem.


Coverstory is news at the appropriate speed for the smartphone not only because of the design, but because new Covers appear as the news is reported and then disappear after 24 hours. There are plenty of other sources where you can digest news in greater depth and at more leisure (stories from earlier in the day, the day before, week before, etc). The smartphone is clearly a device for the moment, and Coverstory keeps headline gazers engaged with the present.


The word is overused in the world of content production, however, Coverstory does indeed keep the news “fresh.” Pleasing to look at, easy to absorb, up to the minute. Download the beta version of the app from the App Store.


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