Coverr Will Give Your Site The Little Somethin’-Somethin’ It’s Lacking

Today’s Killer Startup: Coverr


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Elevator Pitch:

Coverr creates beautiful, free videos for your homepage.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Have you ever landed on a website and thought, “Oh damn! That is a great video!” I’m not talking about explainer videos (which I’ve talked about plenty over the years); instead, I’m talking about those soundless videos that often take the place of a hero image on a website. They add a nice little something-something to a site… but startup founders often can’t afford any extra something-something, right?


Wrong! With Coverr, anyone can add an awesome cover video, for free. (Can’t get any cheaper than that.) You can either browse the homepage or check out each category — Food, Mood, Nature, Tech, Artsy, People, Urban, or Animals — for something a little more specific to your site. Once you’ve found a video that works for your company, you can either choose to see it as a coverr or just go ahead and download it. Coverr even gives you instructions on how to add it to your site!


Coverr is also great if you’re trying to make sure your site stays fresh, without having to drop serious cash on multiple images or videos. That’s because they upload seven new videos every week, meaning you’ll never run out of awesome videos for your site.


So, let’s recap. Coverr creates awesome videos for your homepage, tells you how to install them, and it costs you zero dollars. Oh, and they update it every week? Yup, this is for real, startup founders.


Coverr was created by the folks at VeedMe in collaboration with CodersClan. VeedMe makes awesome videos for startups and anyone else who needs one, and the VeedMe team is always working on cool side projects like this one – so make sure to check them out too. Consider them your bonus Killer Startup today.



Give your #startup site that little somethin’-somethin’ it needs to stand out from the crowd with a video from @coverrco


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Coverr | jsawkins/Flickr