– Vintage Covers, Pop Art and More

Coverpop.comCoverpop is a visual arrangement of information. Each item, a thumbnail image contributes to a larger, interactive mosaic.

Each individual piece in the mosaic, be it a magazine cover, a work of art, or a toy, provides additional info as the mouse is dragged over it. Some thumbnails contain links to informational websites. Coverpops are arranged by date, price, or color. So far the site contains quite the collection of different ‘coverpops.’ You’ll find cult movie covers, a selection of books on UFO’s, Philip K. Dick novels, Harry Potter, YouTube videos, old time candy, and much more. If you have your own collection of visual images, feel free to submit it to Coverpop. There’s definitely a collector’s nostalgia running through the site, but it’s also just a clever way to organize info. In Their Own Words

“A coverpop can be a unique work of art, a software toy, or a fun way to shop for stuff.
Each coverpop is an interactive mosaic, made of tiny images, such as magazine covers. These are called “micro thumbnails”. As you drag the mouse over each micro thumbnail, it pops up to a full-sized thumbnail image, and provides some information about the item. For some coverpops, you can click again to produce either a full-sized image, or to go to another website to learn more information about the item.
Some coverpops arrange the images by time, by price, or color. Other coverpops arrange the images into a photomosaic.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Coverpop is the sort of site that captures your attention. It’s not something you would actively seek, unless you’re a collector perhaps; it’s more a site you would Stumble Upon or find via a link from another page. It’s a site that’s both visually engaging and interesting for its organizational value.

Some Questions About

The question, ‘what’s the point?’, might flicker across your mind as you look at this site. It seems more of a one time visit site. It’s interesting enough for a time, but afterwards one might not fee l a particular need to return. Also many items in the mosaic lead to broken links, or don’t contain any info.