– Personalizing Your Cellphone

Coveroo.comCoveroo is a company that empowers users to personalize their mobile devices in as flexible and dynamic a way as possible. There are over 250 designs on offer, dealing with themes ranging far and wide – from celebrated cartoons characters to cult TV shows protagonists and renowned musicians, the site is more than likely to have something in stock.

Coveroos are presented as replacements that are sent to you via mail, and these are devised to be slipped on in an easy manner, too.

The main page will let you choose your mobile device from several ones, and it can be said that most major names are accounted for. Once you have picked your phone from the available ones, you can proceed to browse through the many design categories and weigh up which one accommodates your budget.

At the end of the day, the site stands as yet another useful web-based resource for making technology resemble your personality as much as possible. Direct your browser to in the event you want further information. In Their Own Words

“Coveroo started with a simple idea. Personal electronics should be truly personal. Our phones are with us Day and Night. We fall asleep listening to our favorite song on our music player and yet personal electronics today are virtually identical…until now.

Coveroos reflect your personality and transform your phone from drab to fab in 10 seconds. Choose from 250 designs, from Bart Simpson, to Star Trek, from AC/DC to Alice in Chains or choose from designs we have scoured the earth to find.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a viable way of injecting some personality into your preferred mobile device.

Some Questions About

Are similar services that take into account other devices available on the WWW?