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Coursekit.comCoursekit is a new initiative that aims to apply social networking to classrooms on a grand scale. Essentially, if the ones behind this project succeed they will be coming up with a platform that can turn each and very classroom into a fully-alive online community.

Through Coursekit, educators will be enabled to post content and command purposeful after-class discussions. And students will be able not just to follow their classes more minutely than ever, but also to keep in touch with classmates through a fully-dedicated platform.

Coursekit is being slowly implemented in American colleges, starting with the University of Pennsylvania. If you work there as a teacher, you might as well claim your own class right now and begin getting acquainted with this interesting eLearning platform. It is not that far-fetched to think that the future of education is headed in this direction, specially when we bear in mind how much of a difference the Social Web has had in many other areas. In Their Own Words

Next generation learning.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a platform that can put the elasticity of the Social Web to the use of education like no other.

Some Questions About

Which colleges are to be supported next?