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CouponTrade.comUnused deals and unwanted gift cards are common fare. We all have a good couple of cards we know we are not using anytime, and a good handful of deals we bought in a momentary lapse of reason that have got nothing to do with us. So, a platform like CouponTrade is more than welcome. In a nutshell, this is a site that lets people get rid of these coupons and deals in their possession that they know they are not putting to any kind of use.

CouponTrade is patterned like a marketplace where coupons and deals can be openly transacted. People who have unwanted deals and coupons can list them online for these prices they deem as suitable, and those who are interested in what’s being offered can proceed to buy them on the spot. Funds are transferred directly to the seller’s PayPal account, and the deal is delivered electronically to the buyer. And if what has been sold is a coupon, then that will be shipped using a prepaid USPS shipping label. Sellers are required to ship gift cards within two business days of the sale.

CouponTrade is the first site that brings together unused daily deals and gift cards. A site named Lifesta has been doing something comparable as far as deals is concerned, and a site that is no longer available (Cardnap) let people trade their unwanted gift cards. But this is the first time a site enables people to transact both deals and cards. In Their Own Words

We’re a team of programmers, web geeks, graphic designers, customer service professionals, and entrepreneurs. In our spare time, we like to shop and hunt for deals. Like you, we hate to see our hard-earned dollars go to waste on an unused daily deal, or receive gift cards that we’re too busy to use. And when we did the math and saw how much money we were losing, we decided to do something about it.

That’s why we started CouponTrade. With our innovative marketplace, we help you take advantage of millions of potentially wasted dollars in unused daily deals and gift cards. If you accidentally bought a deal for a steakhouse to give to your vegan girlfriend, or your grandma gave you a gift card for a toy store at your college graduation party, we can help you turn those buys back into dollars.

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