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CoupleStreet.comA social site where only two people are involved? Meet CoupleStreet, the first social network for couples. On this site, you and your other significant one can become connect without anybody else getting on the way. No nosy friends or relatives will be around. CoupleStreet is where you and your other half can interact, free from the eyes of the world. Each one of you gets his own wall, where he can post just anything for the other to see. Only he/she will see it. And in addition to letting you communicate with each other this privately, the site lets you create a list of tasks that are to be done, and set down reminders for events such as anniversaries and birthdays.


Besides, CoupleStreet lets you monitor shared expenses. So, if you’ve just moved in with your couple you can use this site to ensure everything goes smoothly, and that you won’t end up quarreling over something like money.

Couple Street is free to use, and you can sign in using your Facebook account. Some e-commerce features will be added at some point in the future, but the basic service provided by the site (that of keeping couples connected) is remaining free. In Their Own Words

The social network for two people.

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Where did the inspiration for this site come from?

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