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CoupFlip.comIf there’s something these GroupOn and LivingSocial folks sure know how to do, then that’s marketing their offers. Who hasn’t bought any of their deals on a whim, just because they described it in a way that equaled buying it with being the hippest person in the milky way? And who hasn’t wondered what to do with such a deal afterwards? The obvious thing to do would be to trade it. But how? Where could you easily find people who would be willing to pay you good money for it? On this new site, that is where.

CoupFlip is a marketplace for unused GroupOn and LivingSocial coupons. As a user of this service, you can list all these coupons that you know you’re not ever going to use, and sell them off. You post them, they become indexed, and those who find them (and find the price you’re asking for right) can buy them on the spot. You’ll be paid via PayPal the second your coupon has been sold. You won’t recover all the money you had originally spent, but at least you won’t end up feeling so much of a compulsive fool that can’t keep quiet when temptation calls. In Their Own Words

Instantly sell & buy daily deals.

Some Questions About

What about sites other than GroupOn and LivingSocial? Are these ever going to be supported?