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Could One Little App Replace All the Gift Cards in the World? Giift Thinks So.

If you’re among the countless thousands of Americans who have a pile of gift cards and coupons slowly gathering dust somewhere in a drawer in your kitchen, guess what? You’re a human.


You’re also a prime target for

Giift calls itself “the Loyalty Marketplace” — “the simplest, smartest, most intuitive way to manage loyalty programs online.” The platform unites loyalty programs — gift cards, airline miles, hotel points, and more — from thousands of brands and business in a one app.


For brands, Giift wants to make it easier to design and administer loyalty programs for customers. Which could be a big deal, particularly for little companies that lack the bandwidth and the resources of the big boys to mount a loyalty program on their own steam. And customers be shopping for deals, am I right?

For users, Giift is a way to manage all of their different loyalty programs, track how much value they have with different brands, and even make exchanges between different programs. Not a big United flier these days? Cool. Swap those airline miles for some sweet hotel points at the Sheraton. Or at least, that’s the idea. (Neither United nor Sheraton are customers of Giift. Yet.)


Giift is already picking up some pretty impressive traction. The company recently announced that it had cleared 20,000 affiliated programs in the marketplace to date, and says that it’s on track to reach 100,000 programs and more than $1 billion in transactions completed through the Giift platform. Businesses using Giift pretty much run the gamut, from airlines and hospitality to retail and food & beverage.

“This was a key milestone in our two-year objective to reach 100,000 affiliated loyalty programs and provide the most comprehensive marketplace,” says company co-founder and CEO Laurent Xatart of hitting the 20,000 mark.  “Hitting 20,000 programs serves as a tremendous vote of confidence in the Giift concept, and our mission to make rewards programs smarter, simpler, and more valuable for consumers and brands alike.”

The Giift app is available for download now on Google Play and the App Store.

If you’re a business interested in using Giift to offer loyalty programs to your customers, you can learn more by visiting


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Author : Roger Hollings

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